Electronic product code project essay

Electronic Products code

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Walmart Smart Inventory System Essay

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New Product Introduction & Development

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The electronic code would allow businesses to track shipments and inventory automatically through a system of tags and sensors. It was a potential replacement for the manual scanning of bar codes, a technology that itself revolutionized retail two decades earlier.

RFID Based Shopping Trolley SYNOPSIS: The objective of this project is to improve the speed of purchase by using video-accident.com project is designed to use the RFID based security system application in the shopping video-accident.com project is used in shopping complex for purchase the products.

In this project RFID card is used as security access for product. This project which is the implementation of the EPC/RFID (Electronic Product Code / Radio Frequency Identification) technology will create a leaner and more efficient process for managing our inventory, as well as, allow us to become an early adaptor of a new process that we believe will provide a competitive advantage in the very near future.

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Electronic product code project essay
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