Significance of open and distance learning

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Significance of open and distance learning in democratization of education

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The term open and distance learningreflects both the fact that all or most of the teaching is conducted by someone removed in time and space from the learner, and that the mission aims to include greater dimensions of openness and flexibility, whether in terms of.

Open Distance Learning (ODL) is considered nowadays as the most viable means for broadening educational access while improving the quality of education, advocating peer-to-peer collaboration and giving the learners a greater sense of autonomy and responsibility for learning (Calvert, ).

The conference is organised by EDEN in co-operation with the Jönköping University. Jönköping is an excellent example of an impressively developing University, city and region which attracts economic, cultural and social progress and modernisation.

In this regard, open learning and distance education have an important and wide position in providing the necessary training for facilitating of women’s choices of professional field selection and the.

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(a) Open and distance learning for basic education: The Directorate of Open and Distance Education of Zambia’s Ministry of Education has developed alternative basic education programmes at lower basic (Grades ), middle basic (Grades ), and upper basic (Grade 8) levels.

The alternative lower and middle basic education programmes are delivered to learners countrywide using Interactive Radio. All of our taught programmes are delivered through Online Learning.

Our commitment to making education more accessible led us into online learning in and we have since become the leader in Ireland in the use of technology in the delivery of distance education.

Significance of open and distance learning
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