Writing as a mode of learning janet emig

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Farrell, this text offers educators a. Nov 14,  · MLA Citation of course readings. November 14, · by Douglas Walls · in Assignments · Leave a comment. Course Readings in MLA. H – Writing, Rhetoric, and Research in New Forms Emig, Janet. “Writing as a Mode of Learning.” College Composition and Communication (): – Web.

9 Aug. Teaching Writing as a Second Language Horning, Alice Published by Southern Illinois University Press Horning, Alice. Emig, Janet. "Writing as a Mode of Learning." The Writing Teacher's Source-book. Ed. Gary Tate and Edward P. J. Corbett. New York: Oxford UP, I like the idea of using writing as learning mode because it can be valuable in the learning process.

Janet Emig idea that writing supports learning simply because of the fact that it reinforces its cycle through the use of the hand, the eyes, and the brain is true. 1 See Janet Emig's article, "Writing as a Mode of Learning," in College Composition and Communication, 28, 2 William Geeslin's article, "Using Writing about Mathematics as a Teaching Technique," is annotated on page 6.

Writing as a mode of learning by Janet Emig: In this article Emig tries to show how writing serves as a unique way of learning. To summarize her thesis, Emig feels that writing promotes learning uniquely because writing as.

Writing as a mode of learning janet emig
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